Become An Expert in Strand in 5 Days

The Ultimate Strand Crash Course with the BEST Build for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock

The Strand Crash Course

A 3-Step Framework to Create Any Strand Build You WantThe Best Strand Warlock Build.The Best Strand Hunter Build.The Best Strand Titan Build.The 5 Strand Weapon Godrolls Every Build Needs.A step-by-step guide to maximize each build to its full potential.

Everything you need to create your own Strand builds, use the best Strand builds available, and unlock more ways to enjoy the game.

Created by Legionless, who's helped over 33,129 Guardians will full-time jobs and families spend more time enjoying their favorite game.

"These builds unlocked new ways to play the game and I was finally able to clear endgame content I've never been able to before."

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: The Strand Build BlueprintDay 2: The BEST Strand Hunter Build in Destiny 2Day 3: The BEST Strand Titan Build in Destiny 2Day 4: The BEST Strand Warlock Build in Destiny 2Day 5: The 5 Strand Weapon Godrolls Every Build Needs